Vienna Motor Symposium 2024 FC powertrain simplified integration


Fuel cell powertrains
Simplified integration into heavy-duty vehicles 

The paper and presentation will offer comprehensive examination of the integration of fuel cell technology into the heavy-duty vehicle sector, positioning fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) and battery electric vehicles (BEVs) as synergistic solutions for achieving net-zero objectives. The paper underscores the substantial investments made by OEMs in developing alternative fuel, internal combustion engine-hybrid, and BEV platforms. FCEV power systems exhibit performance parity with conventional powertrains, and for many heavy-duty vehicle applications they are the only practical zero-emission solution. The paper also delves into the economic and technical barriers that have historically prevented wider FCEV adoption.  

The paper highlights the importance of an FCEV design approach. Both to positively impact the TCU by right-sizing components and improving efficiency and to minimise integration challenges with accurate modelling and system standardisation.